Markets strips and sheets

Our company thrives thanks to the energy that powers towns, industry, seaports, ferries, ships ad everything necessary for our everyday life.

Wherever there is energy generation (hydroelectric, photovoltaic, fossil fuel…) there are transformers supplying usable electricity.

Many transformers are manufactured using high purity strip supplied by Allu’s.

In the automotive sector, the necessity to produce ever lighter cars to meet targets for exhaust emission reduction is resulting in a huge increase in the use of aluminium to replace steel. Allu’s is well placed to supply automotive industry sub-contractors with the magnesium alloys which meet the technical specification developed by the car manufacturers for the various applications.

The wide range of applications within the domestic appliance industry, the sub-contractors who process, stamp and work aluminium in strip or sheet form, the construction industry, the airtreatment market (HVAC), precision engineering: these are only a small selection of applications for aluminium strips and sheets that Allu’s supply all over the world.