You can will find Allu’s tubes in many day-to-day situations.
Anybody who works in the building industry, enjoys DIY or simply needs a step-ladder around the house, has likely bought a ladder, step-ladder or other access equipment which may be manufactured using our tubes, to guarantee his safety and convenience.
People who enjoy gardening or are professional gardeners have probably used various tools which may be
manufactured using our tubes, for example lawn edge trimmers, shears, hedge trimmers, tree loppers, chain saws, hose reels, watering systems and many others.
Everybody likes to relax in front of the television. Satellite dishes and aerials, built with our tubes as central components, enable us to watch our favourite programmes.
Lovers of the open air will need our tubes for many activities, from aluminium framed chairs and beds for sun-bathing to beach umbrellas for some shade.
Sportsmen are spoilt for choice with products including ski poles, canoe and kayak paddles, bicycle handlebars and bicycle carriers mounted on cars.

Allu’s maintains high quality standards in production which is particularly relevant for orthopaedic aids, manufacturers of wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames, for example, can be confident that our tubes will meet the exacting standards essential to this industry.
Here are a few typical applications for our tubes, to illustrate their versatility:

clothes horses and drying racks, camera tripods, lighting frames and gantries, vacuum cleaners and brushes, baby strollers, baby carriers and push-chairs, children’s toys, shower rails, greenhouses, greenhouse racking, cold frames, poly tunnels and other agricultural equipment.